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Xbox Kinect a Disappointment in Japan 11.29.11

According to Venture Beat, Microsoft’s Kinect has been a substantial disappointment in its first year of availability in Japan. To date, the device has only sold roughly 114,000 units in the country, with sales dropping dramatically in the past few … READ MORE

Nintendo: Even the Top Companies Have a Few Bad Ideas 10.13.11

IGN compiled a piece chronicling some of Nintendo‘s misfires that have taken place over the company’s storied history. For every smashing success that the video game empire has had along the way, there have been a few ideas that didn’t … READ MORE

Tokyo Game Show 2011 09.16.11

The Tokyo Game Show 2011, the E3 of Japan, is being held in Chiba 9/15-9/18. Over 190 companies are participating, including the social networking cellphone game site, GREE, who has the largest booth even though it is their first time … READ MORE

Kinect Used to Predict the Future… 08.24.11

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo previewed a new exhibit recently, and if it is successful there might be a bright future for the Kinect after all. With reports of the Xbox 360 console being “phased … READ MORE

The beginning of the end for the Xbox 360? 08.17.11

Since 2005, the Xbox 360 has sold more than 1.5 million units in Japan. While that may sound like a nice total, it isn’t. According to Industry Gamers, the Xbox 360 is being “phased out” by many Japanese retailers, after … READ MORE

“L.A. Noire” game technology coming to Japan next? 05.18.11

This week, the highly-anticipated video game L.A. Noire is finally released. The game, a joint production between Australian developers Team Bondi and Rockstar Games (responsible for the Grand Theft Auto series, among other titles) is an extremely engaging experience that … READ MORE

Angry Xbox fan cuts Wii RPG game into bits 01.28.11

According to “Xboxfunboy”s YouTube account, he is an Xbox fan. Does that explain just why he posted this video of him totally destroying a copy of the Wii-only The Last Story? Was he just jealous that he couldn’t play this … READ MORE

Tokyo Game Show 2010 recap 09.20.10

The folks over at Scrawlfx put together a pretty thorough outline of the top titles and game news from this past weekend’s Tokyo Game Show. Head over to the article to see the list of the anticipated games and releases … READ MORE

Playstation 3 is the King, so says Famitsu 03.25.10

Famitsu, the Japanese gaming magazine, recently conducted a thorough investigation of its own archives in order to rank video game consoles to see which is the “best”. According to this write up from the folks at 1Up, the results of … READ MORE

Final Fantasy XIII a million-seller in the West 03.16.10

In its first week on the shelves in the Western part of the globe (USA and other countries in this hemisphere), Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII has reported sales of more than 1.2 million copies, most of which being sold … READ MORE

Super Street Fighter IV anime maybe coming for US fans….? 01.28.10

Joystiq posted an article hinting that there may be a United States release of the Super Street Fighter IV anime that is currently only going to be available to Japanese gamers (as we discussed previously). One of the package deals … READ MORE

Japan’s Bayonetta causing quite a stir in the video game world 01.28.10

Currently BLOWING UP the video game world, Bayonetta is a video game created in Japan that is causing quite a ruckus worldwide. The New York Times wrote a nice review of the game, highlighting some of the reasons that gamers … READ MORE

Japan to get pretty awesome bonus stuff with Super Street Fighter IV 01.26.10

As pointed out by this article from IGN, the Japanese release of the upcoming and highly-anticipated Super Street Fighter IV will come with a ‘Collector’s Package’, consisting of: a soundtrack featuring the arranged theme songs for all the Super characters, … READ MORE