Popular idol group ℃-ute announced their disbandment in the June of 2017.

On August 20, the group announced its intention to disband during a concert in Tokyo.

According to a statement released by Up Front Promotion, the group began discussing its future in February when all of its member had turned 20. When they were told in June that they would be performing at Saitama Super Arena the following year, they decided to terminate the group activity after the concert.

For us, ℃-ute, Saitama Super Arena is our goal, and until that day, we will rush with all our power and after that we want to walk respectively in our own path,” the statement reads.

℃-ute’s main priority will be to have direct contact with fans during its final months as a group. Emphasis will be put on live events, though new music is expected to be released as well.

Source and Image: Jpop Asia


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