Oh how much i love these eco toys from japan! I dont even think they are only for kids. Seriously I want one in my house.  つちのこ。tsuchinoko – Cardboard kids furnitures.
Tsuchinoco is a brand of cardboard kids furniture that caught my eyes today. I mean, look at them, don’t you want all of them???? They are all made from light-weighted Reinforced Corrugated Fiberboard ( means strong cardboard) and super ECO 100% recyclable. Price range is about 5,000 yen to 30,000 yen ( $150-$300) very affordable. Don’t forget to check out her amazing design work as well, Masahiro Minami website.What a fun idea to have kid-sized furnitures from cardboards! Check out their online store for more mind-blowing kid’s toys! Sugoi!!!

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