Japanese scientists “developing” transparent goldfish??


It’s weird how humans mess with science. The New York Daily News reported that some Japanese scientists have bred a transparent goldfish. As the article states,

The new transparent breed of fish, whose heart, brain and other organs are visible through its scales and skin, is the first of its kind, according to the Mail.

While it is somewhat controversial to just flat-out design a fish that is transparent in a laboratory, thus putting science and technology against each other, this wacky fish can have some benefits. People often complain about forcing kids in school to dissect frogs and fish for the purposes of science class, as it can be pretty frightening and gruesome. This transparent fish makes it possible to study the inner workings of the fish’s body without having to cut it open and dissect it.

The fact that this fish wasn’t a product of nature and instead is the result of some scientists’ efforts will likely make some people upset, of course, but in the end I think this is pretty cool. I hated having to dissect animals in my class in middle school, so to me this is a pretty fascinating concept.

There are also apparently transparent frogs on the market as well, for purposes of scientific study. Whatever your opinion is on these scientific advancements and their impact on science and technology, what these Japanese scientists are doing is pretty profound.

Is this a good idea? Are you opposed or in favor of developing a fish such as this?

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