J-Pop meets Gyaru-Kei at Aloha Gal-ifornia

Kira Kira Photosticker Shop celebrates its first anniversary with “Aloha Gal-ifornia!”, hosted by the Diamond Gyaru-Sa. It”s going to be a great night of Gyaru-Kei fashion and J-Pop from Tune in Tokyo, at SoCal”s most stylish and elegant purikura boutique!

Kira Kira features all of the newest purikura machines from Japan, features an in-house salon, and also sells lots of great fashion accessories! Diamond Gal Circle, profiled in Electric Trash magazine, will perform hosting duties for the first anniversary of this fantastic shop, which is located in City of Industry, California. It”s one of our favorite places to spin, and you can be assured there will be a dance floor going online casino as the night rolls in. The Tune in Tokyo DJs will be spinning the best in J-Pop, J-Electro, Urban, Shibuya-Kei, and dance beats from around the world!

The event is free, and all-ages! It runs from 6 PM – 12 AM, and there will be a $6 purikura special for people who come in summer attire! There will also be a special sale on nail and Hello Kitty items. Drinks and light snacks will be provided!

Diamond Gyaru-Sa carry on the tradition of  Gyaru-Sa, or Gal circles, in the U.S. They”ve organized many great fashion events and meet-ups, and maintain a large and influential online community and presence.

For more information on Gyaru-Kei and Gal culture, I”d recommend picking up a copy of Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno. It”s a great guide to Japanese fashion tribes, with a wealth of historical information, interviews, and visual guides on underground/counter-culture fashion going back to the 1970s. You can also check out monthly Gal mags like Koakuma Ageha, Egg, or Popteen.

Our previous events at Kira Kira, including “Galamorous” (also hosted by Diamond Gyaru-Sa) and our Lunar New Year Party, hosted by La Carmina, were some of our favorite gigs! We hope to see you there on August 28th!

Greg Hignight

DJ and Founder, Tune in Tokyo

Aloha Gal-ifornia!

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