Fast food war breaking out in Japan in time for Christmas…

via Japan Probe

Well, kind of.

It looks like fast-food fans will have to choose sides this Holiday season, as McDonald’s unveiled a fancy new “Christmas set”, comprised of some chicken strips, nuggets, and other goods. This was designed to offer direct competition to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s normal Christmas time domination in Japan. Check out this news clip describing this impending battle:

kentuck xmas 2010
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Here in the USA, we don’t really associate Christmas time with KFC, but it’s obviously a much different situation in Japan. The restaurant routinely reports booming sales of buckets of fried chicken for Christmas Eve and the big day. Whereas we here in the US would rather slave away in the kitchen for days to prepare a massive meal, it seems that a lot of Japanese citizens prefer KFC. There’s some (fried) food for thought.

via Japan Probe

Found this news piece over at Japan Probe, so another tip of the cap is due.

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  1. amy says

    Hilarious!!! I love how the McD image has so many different forms of fried chicken. When I was teaching at a Japanese high school in Osaka I was doing a lesson on Christmas and explaining what we eat at Xmas time and they looked so confused, the teacher stepped in and said to me, ‘They want to know, don’t you eat fried chicken at Christmas?’

  2. Adrian G. says

    haha yeah, personally it’s really weird to think of KFC being a Christmas tradition…obviously most of us have fancy sit-down dinners with turkey, potatoes, and all that, so the prospect of a bucket of fried KFC doesn’t exactly strike me as a holiday meal.

    That’s why this is all so interesting to me. haha

  3. Christmas in Japan

    […] they do not miss out on getting some fried poultry into their festive bellies. I did find this lovely post from Kawaii Kakkoi Sugoi talking about how, since the time that I wrote this post, competition for […]

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