Will computer-based singing voices replace human singers?

Some Japanese researchers have apparently developed what they say is a program that can teach computers to sing (yes, sing) in voices that are “indistinguishable” from human voices.

Tokyo University’s IBA Laboratory, the tech-savvy people behind this development, say they have created a product that has a lot to offer:

For anyone who is bored with the so-called real-life characters that present themselves to TV “talent” shows, an optimized frequency curve and a synthetic vocal could be the new sensation they are looking for, but without the baggage of bad teeth, terrible hair extensions and fictionalized family tragedies.

That quote was included in The Register UK’s post about Vocaloid (that’s what it’s called) and the “computer singers vs real singers” debate. You can read more about the whole thing, including some complicated computer-speak about just how the vocals are modified by reading the rest of the post.

What do you think, are computer singers going to outnumber human singers anytime soon? Weigh in.

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  • Anonymous

    I doubt it. You still can’t beat human voices. There are so many types of tones out there.

  • http://RodaRoller.com Kiseki

    Hatsune miku shall beat all the real singers an take over the world, and we will be all nibbling on leeks. Haters beware of the MIGHTY ROAD ROLLER!

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