AKB48 Otaku Buys 5500 Copies of New Single

Yesterday, AKB48’s new single “Everyday, Kachuusha” was released. It is now their number one single, selling over 920,000 copies on the release date. One fan in particular bought 5,500 copies. Each CD costs about 1,600 yen ($19), which means he spent about 8,800,000 yen (a little over $100,000)!! Here are some pictures he posted up onto his mixi (Japanese social networking site) with his collection.

Each CD allows a fan to vote for their favorite AKB member. From what I understand, because there are so many members, the member who wins gets to be on the next single, which gives the otakus an incentive to buy multiple copies. This otaku’s pick is Yuko Oshima, who has been the winner of several contests (left in the below picture). Someone clever took an image from the “What I Can Do” AC commercial regarding the recent natural disaster, and changed the words of their sign. In the commercial it says, “let’s think about what the people who were directly affected by the disaster really need.”

“Let’s not buy multiple copies of the same CD anymore.”

Yes, please. Donate that money for the tohoku disaster relief!

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  1. Asu says

    Oh my god! xD that explain why this singles kicked lady gaga’s hahaha actually I don’t that songs is the best I prefer ponytail to shushu rather than everyday kachuusha !

  2. freedomwv says

    I wonder why he covers his face? I guess he does not want folks laughing at him. Although, I do see a lot of Japanese covering their face when they have their photo taken for a news story like this one. Anyway, he must really love AKB48.

  3. Christiana says

    WHOA thats…out of control… and stalkerish

  4. GOGO8675309 says

    Now I don’t feel so bad about buying 4 copies of the OF Tape Vol 2.

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