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Playstation recently announced the new PSP, Playstation Vita, which will have two different models, one with Wi-fi and another with 3G and Wi-fi starting at about $249 and $299 respectively. Scheduled to be released at around the end of this year, the Latin name, Vita, was chosen due to its meaning, “life.” Because the company wanted customers to be able to turn everyday life into a kind of game and as the device goes beyond the boundaries of entertainment and reality, the name was chosen. Below is my quick translation of Sony Japan’s corporate news release of PS Vita today.

The PS Vita features a beautiful multi-touch 5-inch OLED display, as well as a multi-touch pad on the back in order for players to be able to reenact three-dimensional movements, such as touching, grabbing, tracing, pushing and pulling out, which also opens new games that are being developed to a whole new set of options for gameplay. Furthermore, implementation of the two analog sticks (joysticks) which are on both sides of the device, the PSP becomes the ultimate portable entertainment system. Sony has worked with the developers of GRAVITY DAZETM, Little Deviants, Uncharted, Everybody’s Golf NEXT, Reality Fighters, Hustler King, Modnation, Wipeout, Star Strike, and others to bring out the best in what only the PS Vita can provide.

In addition to the the Wi-fi capability of the PSP, Playstation Vita now has connection to 3G, allowing the users access to various applications, and contributing to new encounters, relationships, findings, sharing, playing, and endless possibilities. With applications that use the network, players can see what kind of games are being played by those around them through “Near,” as well as share items, like weapons and costumes, with games that use “Gift.”

There is also an application called “Party,” that allows players nearby to voice chat and text each other regardless of whether they are playing different games or simply browsing the internet. The combination of this new innovative group communication application, “Party,” and the features of “Near” expand the possibilities of the world of interactive communication.

Of course, Sony isn’t going to leave you to figure out all the new controls on your own. They have provided a tutorial called “Welcome Park” that thoroughly explains all the three-dimensional controls so that you can enjoy the new device.

Seems like a good move for Sony, especially because many people are getting fed up with the whole 3D craze. Let’s see how this goes!

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