Tokyo “Subway Packers” push people around

Tokyo’s metro system ranks number one in the world in number of passengers per year. So, its no wonder that the subways are literally jam packed at rush hour. The subways are so crowded in fact that there are people hired to push the overflowing crowd of passengers into the the trains called “packers”.

These videos show the Japanese subway packers at work during rush hour:

With his photo series Tokyo Compression, photographer Michael Wolf captures the endurance of the subway riders in Tokyo as they tolerate their over crowded commute.

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  1. richardpmurfin says

    I live in Taipei and it’s crowded here. But If someone were to actually push me onto the train I really think I’d punch the guy. Often here I get angry and want to shout ‘IT IS FULL THERE IS NO MORE ROOM’ ….people have no concept of space in Asia and I don’t want my trip to Japan with my wife to be spoiled by a stint in jail for assault.

  2. Anonymous says

    I live in Japan and use the trains often to travel to Tokyo during rush hour. I have been caught on this crowded trains but never saw it from the outside. I always thought that it was just passengers pushing to get on. Now I see that the uniformed training employees are doing most of the pushing. You would think that they would say, ok this train is full wait for the next one, which is quite literally 3 -5 minutes behind. And the train system in Tokyo is quite punctual, but when you put the human factor… well that when you get the bad decisions. It just the way it is in Japan. I’ve let several trains go and just watched them pack on. Once the door closes, I just give them the head shake like…. You idiot. All that just to get home 5 to 10 minutes earlier.

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