LA’s Anime Expo hosting Hatsune Miku’s first US live performance on July 2nd

The Anime Expo, set for Los Angeles on July 1-4, will feature the first live concert performance of Hatsune Miku in the United States. She will also be the expo’s first Virtual Guest of Honor.

Hatsune Miku

Miku, called a “virtual star”, is a testament to the power of technology. She’s a synthesized computer-generated singer, with a voice synthesized by Yamaha’s Vocaloid software. Her live shows are a blend of cutting-edge technology and projection screens that display a seemingly three-dimensional female character on stage.

Read more about her upcoming performance at the Anime Expo’s website.

The Anime New Network reported that initial ticket sales for Miku’s Anime Expo LA peformance are completely sold out!

The maximum capacity of the Nokia Theater is actually 7,100, but the concert will use the DILAD Board system to project Crypton Future Media’s Hatsune Miku character and other virtual idol singers. The projection system cannot be effectively viewed from all seats in the theater, and the organizers initially decided that only the first-floor seats were enough. The organizers are attempting to secure more seats on the second floor.

If you already have passes to the Expo on July 2 and wish to see Hatsune Miku’s performance, at this point you should keep an eye on the Expo’s website if and when more tickets are made available for the show. Your only other option would be to make friends at the Expo and somehow try to get in that way…good luck!

Here’s a video of a Hatsune Miku performance so you have an idea what to expect if you were lucky enough to already have a ticket to her Anime Expo gig:

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