SEGA’s urinal video game is actually a real thing

Back in December, we posted about Toirrettsu, a video game designed for public urinals.

Well, as G4 reports, that game is finally going to have its release. That’s right – this is a real video game created by SEGA.

Now called Toylet, the game is entirely structured upon “players” using their…ahem…stream to dictate the on-screen activities. I’ll just let G4 explain:

Sega’s system is placed inside a urinal, and players control the onscreen action through the speed of their stream. The Toylet will keep track of both the velocity and volume of players’ elimination, and even allow you to “compete” with pishers who have used the urinal previously.

This game won’t be cheap though – G4 says it will cost roughly $1850 for the hardware and software necessary to play the game. There also isn’t any information on an American release yet, but it’s hard to imagine a game like this being a huge hit here. Read more about Toylet at the G4 article.

Watch this video to get a better idea about this wacky game!

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