“Ho-Ho” -this message is boiling hot.



what a amazing video! Loved it very much. Just had to share it with you. Check out Ho- Ho’s official website. Here, you can read all about this video below. (source : Viemo)

Set of the city in Tokyo, as a messenger, the dancing fire fairy “Ho-Ho” reflects the peoples’ hearts like anger and happiness.

Masanori Okamoto
1985 born in Tokyo, Japan. A brilliant young animation creator living in Tokyo. He has graduated from Musashino Art University, department of Visual Communication Design in 2008. Currently, he is a master student of Tokyo University of the Arts studying animation.

CHIPTUNE artist who represents Japan
8- bit system artist who makes good use of Gameboy as musical instruments, and represents Japan in which first album “OverlappingSpiral” was spoken very highly to media of start of France and the United States.



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