Hello Namake Tarou!! – a lazy boy.

Say hello to my new favorite Japanese Character Namake Tarou! He reminds me of Rilakkuma a lot. Maybe that’s because they both love being lazy and kawaii at the same time.. Just wanna give him a big hug!!


Namake Tarou is a human-like creature made in Japan Company called Honyaradou. Namake means “Lazy” and Trou is a traditional Japanese boy name. Torou is all about living in Slow Life. He says, “Let’s take it easy and relax.” “Let’s be lazy together.” He is so cuddly and squishy too!

I sew him in Tokyo 2 years ago and I couldn’t help how cute he looked and had to buy …. 3 of them. The ones I got said, “Cheers” “Hello” on his tummy and they smelled so yum like lavenders and white peach .  How cute is that?

Check out Namake Trou’s website. in japanese

Onlinestore in Japanese

Here’s a couple of photos how much people love Namake Tarou in japan.



and here’s a cute drawing of them having a handroll sushi party! How cute!

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