Chocolat de Tomato

Looks like there’s a tomato boom in Japan! Here’s the latest tomato-infused product from Meiji, Chocolat de Tomato in stores next week.

They mixed freeze dried tomatoes with creamy white chocolate to create a rich and sweet and sour snack. Interesting. Now you can eat a tomato ramen, wash it down with a tomato soda, and have tomato chocolate for dessert!

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  1. Aru-chan says

    Oishi nee… >_<

  2. » Do you fancy some tomato-flavored chocolate?

    […] suggesting Meiji a dark bitter chocolate tomato version, which I think could be even better![Via]Share this:ShareFacebookRedditStumbleUponEmailDiggTags: Chocolate, Japan← Movies and […]

  3. Anonymous says

    not sure ….. =)

  4. kt76 says

    err.. ~i think i’ll pass! lol..

  5. Dada says

    I didn’t like it.. >_<

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