Hello Kitty Roll Cake and pompompurin cake

Look what I found!  A company that specializes in cake called Yellow Pumpkin in Aichi prefecture, makes really cute cakes to be delivered anywhere in Japan!  Unfortunately, the cakes can’t be delivered overseas but they are so kawaii that I wanted to share with you all.  I think these cakes will be great to serve at your party or give as a gift!

First up- Hello Kitty Roll Cake!

It comes in two flavors 🙂


and Chocolate

Another Sanrio character cake I found is Pompompurin Cake! There is pumpkin pudding mousse inside.

Other kawaii sweets I found on the Yellow Pumpkin site are

Snoopy Roll Cake

which also comes in two flavors- chocolate and strawberry

Two types of Panda Cake


A Heart Roll Cake~ perfect for Valentines

and….. A SUSHI ROLL CAKE!! whaaaaaaat?! haha

Next time I go back to Tokyo, I think I’ll order some cake from here!

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  1. Darlyne Velez says

    Can we buy these?I would buy alot! 😀

  2. ellie says

    You can buy these thru Rakuten, a Japanese online store. But because it’s cake, they can’t ship it overseas 🙁

  3. lavi says

    i want the mold of helo kitty for roll maker with helli kitty inside. where i cab buy these?

  4. Naru says

    it’s in Aichi right? What city in the prefecture?

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