Gravity Rush PS VITA Reviews

Hey everyone, did any of you guys pick up Gravity Rush for ps Vita this week? It came out on tuesday and I can’t put it down. I mean my husband can’t! haha this game is amazing, he says. I ordered one for him 2 days ago and picked it up at Best buy on the same day! I am not a gamer but from watching him play, I can tell people go crazy over this game! He was showing me how many people were playing the same game in our neighborhood last night, I guess there’s a feature you look up in your area and see who’s playing what. like real time. It was crazy to see! and you can also see if they like the game or not.

I remember this commercial on TV when I was in japan on last March. I stopped whatever I was doing, and just watched it. I was like, “i wanna watch this movie!”

In the game you play as Kat, a girl with no memory in an old french floating town called Hekseville. oh ya, and you have the power to control gravity.  exploring this world is super fun.  i’ve been floating through the town and walking on walls non-stop.  you gotta try this game.  it has a beautiful symphonic soundtrack and the visuals have a french comic feel.  very cool style.  check out some of the incredible concept art for the game and get hooked!
the game was developed at the sony japan studio and Directed by Keiichiro Toyama and written by Naoko Sato (previously known for the Siren series and the first Silent Hill). Known as Gravity Daze in Japan, Gravity Rush was released in North America last Tuesday.
Let me hear your thoughts!

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