Bisco- childerns most loved snack for 80 years

If you ever spent your childhood in Japan, then you must be familiar with Bisco(ビスコ)! if someone says… “I spent my childhood in Japan but never had them” … then they are lying. YOU MUST HAD THEM WITHOUT NOTICING! yes, it’s THAT famous.  Kinda like Japanese version of Oreo but healthier. Bisco is a wheat germ crackers with yogurt cream. In 1933,  Glico started selling Bisco making this year as their 80th anniversary!  The well-known red package with a boy illustrated is a kid’s favorite snack.


The back has a cute picture! It’s a horse-

but if you flip it- It’s a penguin!

Inside, there are 3 foil wrapped packets like this

And inside the foil wrap there are 5 pieces of bisco

Wheat germ crackers sandwiching yogurt cream. Itadakimaaa~su! yummy 🙂

Past Bisco packages (sorry the picture is so tiny)

So next time you go to a Japanese market get Bisco!



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