The 3rd. C.A.J. Artist in residence program in Saitama Japan

The exhibit “The 3rd C.A.J. Artists in Residence Program Exhibition – American Contemporary Art” was held between July 3 – July 8 2012 in Saitama, Japan. Featuring Artists : Lun*na Menoh and Adam Lee Miller.

Have you checked out Lun*na Menoh’s work yet? Here are some great snapshots from her recent exhibit in Saitama, Japan.


The room.

Lun*na sleeping.. 

Art by Adam.

Bedding set made from only diry collars.

a tea set and cake made from only dirty collars. here’s her love for dirty collars.

Lun*na Menoh is a Japanese born Renaissance artist who lives in Los Angeles. Her work deals with fashion, clothing and exposing the invisible thread between performance and fabric by making sculpturisque dresses, paintings, and a series of fashion shows with her conceptual but wearable outfits. Read more about her.

Check out her latest Video!

C.A.J. Artist In Residence‘s official blog says,

The 3rd. C.A.J. Artist in residence program has started! Lun*na-san arrived at our artist in residence on Wednesday and Adam-san & Nicola-san came to Saitama today. I took them to Kappa-Sushi restaurant for dinner. I think It’s crazy style of Japan’s sushi restaurant. They were surprised to the restaurant”s style but we really enjoyed there! Why I brought them to this type of restaurant… because they said “We don’t need normal!”

Check out the website Contemporary Art in Japan and their Blog.

Lun*na’s website / Blog / Etsy. and get inspired!

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