Japanese Stationery Reviews!

Last week, KKS HQ received a package, guess what was inside.. full of cool japanese stationeries! Thank you so much for the amazing gift JETPENS!!! It’s been a while to do Nihon stationery reviews so I am super excited to tell you what’s hot and share my thoughts!

You have your own favorite pen right? I was so surprised to see one of my all-time-fav pen was in a package. Seriously, I have 10 of them at home, writing daily plans on a schedulebook / postcards for pals,  and  drawing / doodle! Hi-Tec-C pens are my favorite, Im telling you “Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens” are really big in Japan! I started collecting them when I was like 10. yep i am a longterm fan! haha Finally! I found a place to get Hi-Tec-C pens in states, good to know!

Another great thing about Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens is they are available in .25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm sizes. I love the skinny doodle style so I mainly own .25mm & 0.3mm sizes. With those pens, You can write tiny tiny messages too!

Midori D-Clip Paper Clips Penguin is the cutest thing ever! You just wanna clip them onto papers that’s because they are super cute. aw.

Hi-Tec-C pens

Hello kitty Crystal 2 color ballpoint pen

I totally have this pen in pink! so useful. it’s in my purse everyday. 2 tones are the best.

Uni-ball Style Fit Single Color Slim Gel Ink Pen – Majolica Majorca Limited Edition – 0.38 mm – Sky Blue

The pen body itself is so stylish. the color is adorable, too. Majolica Majorca is a japanese cosmetic brand. I didn’t know now they have a stationery line! So cool!

Pilot FriXion Point 04 Gel Ink Pen – 0.4 mm – Cherry Pink is a new-face! I was so impressed how it fit my hand and so light too. 0.4mm is perfect to draw, check out what I wrote below:) the eraser works great! Erasable gel pens are so popular in Japan. Did you know?

Maneki Neko and Kokeshi erasers. So retro and so kawaii.

Iwako Kokeshi Dolls and Fortune Cats Novelty Eraser

This would be a great gift for everyone! I just wanna line them up on a desk.

We received an amazing selection!

Midori D-Clip Paper Clips

Japanese Kawaii, Unique Stationery, stickers, pens, penholders, cards, etc… you just can’t get enough of them, you know that?


Special thanks to JetPens! 

Other than cool pens, they also sell a wide range of notebooks, paper, erasers, and other cute gift items! Stationery stores make me happy and I usually end up spending $20 or more…  ^___^;

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