Doraemon Watch

Yesterday (September 3rd), was 100 years before the birth of Doraemon! Doraemon’s birthday is September 3rd, 2112, meaning in 100 years it would be Doraemon’s official birthday(creation date?).  To celebrate this event, a company called runatown made a limited edition Doraemon Watch! It comes in two designs- Energy (black) and Birthday (white)

Both styles come with a small Doraemon figure! The Energy is a solar watch. The price is 22,176yen (less than $300) and there will only be 2,112 of each design for sale.

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  1. becky says

    hi, how to buy these online?

  2. ellie says

    I just checked for you, and the official site said it’s SOLD OUT 🙁 maybe you can try looking for it on ebay?

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