All year around, I’ve got a serious case of TOTORO Fever. I mean, seriously who doen’t love the CUDDLY TOTORO!? I waited for long enough to talk about only totoro on this post. Do you mind? hope not >.<

First of all I wanna start with this possibly the cutest costume existed on planet costumes since it’s october already! ( holy moly! )  MINI TOTORO!!!!

Next Totoro Macarons! and Cakes!  found them here. 

These are art. I just wanna display them some how!

Can’t wait for winter. because of this photo. Snow TOTORO!!! ( source ) 

Totoro Nail art? yes please. ( photo ) 

Totoro bread melon flavor! yum….. and 170 Yen.  ( what? there’s doraemon bread next to totoro! ) (Source)

Oh man, totoro really rock my world. cutie.

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