Wendy’s in Japan

In 2009, the fast food chain Wendy’s disappeared from Japan due to management issues.  This summer when I was back, I noticed there was a new Wendy’s at Roppongi.  Wendy’s came back to Japan! Apparently since 2011, I didn’t notice it till this summer.  Also, what surprised me was their new concept!  Lobsters, caviars, foie gras?? wooow some ingredients you don’t see at fast food restaurants! Wendy’s in Japan have a special category called JAPAN Premium on their menu.  It has the foie gras and truffle burger, Iberian bacon burger, chili deluxe burger, and avocado wasabi burger.  The price is a bit high for a burger but the Ocean Premium  Lobster Surf & Turf burger and Caviar & Lobster are about $17 each.

They also that this rolled cake


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