ONE PIECE PIRATE RECIPES 海の一流料理人 サンジの満腹ごはん

Don’t you wish to try some of the delicious looking meals Sanji cooks on One Piece Anime? ( It’s always better in Anime than Manga right? )  I just found out the Sanji’s recipe book is coming out on 11/28/2012 only for 1480 Yen from  and I just can’t wait to get one and cook yummy food from his special recipes. It’ll be available on Amazon Japan. There will be 41 menus from the actual OP anime series! It also says, “nothing is hard to make, very simple yet tasty. ” I’m guessing  a recipe book may be like an Artbook more or less. ( either way im happy! )

Here’s the list of recipes I AM DYING to cook.

1. Fried rice Sanji cooked for JIN. ( tears. )

2. Luffy’s favorite fried chickens ( shown in the photo )

3. Oda’s special late night snacks ( famous snacks at his studio )



Sanji, you rock. xo

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    can someone please please, make it so this is in english?

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