Momo e no Tegami // A letter to Momo // ANIME

I saw this trailer the other day and I’ve been dying to watch this new anime called Momo e no Tegami ももへの手紙。It came out last spring in Japan 2012.04. Japan times says, A ghoulish but moving anime that Ghibli fans will love. Scary tale: “Momo e no Tegami (A Letter to Momo),” about a troubled young girl who befriends a gang of yokai (goblins), is rendered by director Hiroyuki Okiura and the Production I.G studio with a loving eye for detail. © momo

So sad, I just missed the screening event in LA a couple of weekends ago. sign. I guess I just have to wait to see on Blue-Ray! It looks magical and character designs are simply amazing. It also reminds me of The YOUKAI ( Japanese folk creatures and ghosts / spiritual monsters ) from Sprited away. Don’t you think? I just can’t wait to see your magical little world, MOMO chan! I am pretty sure you folks are going to amaze me.

Official site. ( In Japanese )

Again, I just can’t wait. I’m already thinking about getting this CD to get some magical sprits!


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