[Rumor] Sony’s Upcoming Patent Prevents Owning Secondhand Games?!

Sony’s Upcoming Patent: One game. One owner.


Shocking news. It seems like a rumor is circulating around that Sony’s upcoming patent is looking to prevent gamers from buying pre-own games! The jist of the new technology is that the disc will be associated with one ID. Once the game disc has been “activated” and linked to the console/owner’s ID, then it cannot be played on another system. Sort of like how Steam and CD-Keys work. One CD-Key, one account!

What could this possibly mean? Well, lots of bad that’s for sure!

GameStop will suffer somewhat of a minor blow if this happens since they are notorious for buying pre-own games at a low cost and re-selling them for a profit. They will likely to survive this change if it does take place. However, for rental stores such as Redbox and GameFly, they will be crippled since they are primarily rental-based subscription business. Sony most likely does not like how they are not receiving any of the profit or receiving very little from secondhand sales therefore try to direct gamers to buy new games and paying the full price.

Well, what about borrowing a friend’s game to play? Nope! You cannot do that either since that game disc has already been associated with your friend’s ID. Of course, like CD-Key associated accounts, there is probably a similar workaround. You would probably have to borrow your friend’s system and his/her log-in information. Of course, this might violate some sort of Terms & Agreements which will get your account penalized or locked.

This is just in the case of Sony-related consoles but if it true and goes into effect for the next PlayStation, I can see Microsoft easily following the same footsteps with the XBox. Nintendo is a maybe as I would like to think they are more old-school and OK with friends sharing their games. I can also foresee this working on Blu-Ray disks since Sony has license on that. Again, I am sure there are always a workaround but regardless, this type of technology will bring a drastic change to game rentals. How do you guys feel about this?

Source: Crunchyroll

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