“morishowta”: the Japanese iPhone Quick-Release Hero


When you first watch a morishowta video, you’ll most likely not know how to react. No matter what video you watch first, each is just as surreal as the last. You’re not sure whether this man is serious or not at the start but you soon realize there is a lot of production quality and if you’re a film buff, you’ll be able to recognize shooting styles from famous movies, i.e. Taxi Driver and others (I don’t watch a lot of films, I’ve only seen Taxi Driver).

While he doesn’t post a lot of videos, he puts a lot of effort into each of them. Each video has its own theme and, recently, he was put in charge for a promotional video for the band “クチロロ” (kuchiroro).

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx8KAweiG6s’]

Despite being crazy, each video does have excellent camerawork and can be appreciated in their own right. The scenery shots are amazing and it gives you a glimpse of a small Japanese town (and a lot of this man’s room). If that’s the kind of thing you’re into then morishowta is definitely worth your subscription, you’ll just have a Japanese man with various “iProducts” on quick-release mechanisms running around along the scenery.

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