Mega Man Cosplay Plush!

Mega Man Cosplay Plush!


PEW PEW PEW! Has it always been YOUR dream to become the BLUE BUSTER?! derr…. JUMP AND SHOOT MAN?! Or was it Cannon Blasting Slide Dashing Wall Hopping Blue Boy Man….  DOH! That’s right! ROCKMAN or what we Americans know him as MEGA MAN! Well… now you can! FEATURING MEGA MAN COSPLAY PLUSH! Yep, PLUSH!

mega-man-cosplay-plush-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-00 mega-man-cosplay-plush-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-03


When you are tired of roleplaying you can even sleep on your buster. DAWW! Sho kyuute!



You can snag one of these in July at e-Capcom for about $61 USD! I would have too much fun with this personally!  Hope they come out with Zero one so that I stroll out in town with a buddy!

Source: Crunchyroll

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