Day Zero at Anime Expo 2013

Today marked the first day in preparations as this year’s Anime Expo is well under way. While regular attendees weren’t officially able to enter yet, people of the industry, like yours truly (gosh, I feel so important), picked up their badges and mingled amongst other industry people. Lots of cosplayers already filled Los Angeles Convention Center but it’s just a taste for what is to come. There won’t be a new video up this week but we’ll bring you guys lots of pics and interviews from floor of AX for those who couldn’t make it. Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Assassin’s Creed cosplay
Attack On Titan
Yami Yugi
King of Fighters
Doctor Who (The 5th Doctor)

To those of you that ARE attending Anime Expo, we (Jason and I) hope to see you there! We’ll be separated but we’ll be there handing out KKS pins and stickers. Come up to us for free stuff!

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