Have a Japanese Summer in Los Angeles (Nisei Week 2013)

Have a Japanese Summer in Los Angeles (Nisei Week 2013)

Ever wanted to do all the things you see Japanese people do in anime/dramas/television shows/etc.? Starting August 10th through 18th, Japantown, Little Tokyo in Los Angeles is hosting Nisei Week where you can do ALL those things you saw on television here, except for staying in a rich friend’s summer home, watching fireworks by a river, going camping and telling ghost stories… in fact, there are a lot of things from fictional Japanese summer that you can’t do here. But while it won’t be picturesque or ideal, it’ll be nice to experience some Japanese culture during summer without having to go to Japan.


While you won’t be able to do fictional Japanese summer things, there are plenty of REAL Japanese summer activities for all to enjoy at the festival. Since this is a Japanese festival, this is a rare opportunity to wear a yukata in the States. If you happen to have a yukata lying around but don’t know know how to wear it, don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7hGjEESg6o’]

There are also going to be exhibits of Japanese culture on display, a gyoza eating contest, and the hallmark of Nisei week, the Los Angeles Tanabata Festival (Tanabata officially starts on August 9th from 5-8PM ). Before the Tanabata Festival starts, however, you can submit your own kazari to be displayed during the festival.

A Totoro kazari.

Another highlight of the festival is the GRAND PARADE, where “[t]here will be taiko, dancing, local community groups, high schools, elected officials, representatives from Los Angeles’ sister city, Nagoya, and important community members scheduled to participate this year.” If that doesn’t make you want to go, here’s a picture of a mascot in a train.

Bow before his excellence.

While you’re down there, you might as well visit the rest of the shops because you ARE in Little Tokyo after all. Jason and I might be there because I want to participate in the gyoza eating contest. Come up and say hi to us as I gorge myself on food. Hope to see you guys there!

Source: Inside AX

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