Snow Miku 2014 Revealed

Snow Miku 2014 Revealed

Well not quite yet. The concept design for next year’s Snow Miku has been released and has been revealed to have mahou shoujo-inspired design. You could even say that she’s a mahou SNOWjou (Yes, I came up with that myself. Why do you ask?)

I was already in love with the 2013 design but I can't  wait this design to come out.
I was already in love with the 2013 design but I can’t wait this design to come out.

The actual Snow Miku nendoroid won’t be released until February 5th, during the 65th annual Sapporo Snow Festival where local snow and ice sculptors will put their artistic prowess on display for all attendees to enjoy. For those wondering what makes Hokkaido-where the event is being held-so special that it gets to be graced by Miku yearly, well it’s the hometown of Crypton Future Media so it’s not so strange for Miku to attend the annual event. It’s like Christmas for Miku fans, two months after the fact and in Hokkaido instead of their homes.

Here’s what the nendoroid MIGHT look like:

From  Vocaloid Blog
From Vocaloid Blog. Hopefully, like the concept art shows, her little magic hat and wand will be detachable. Maybe she’ll even come with a cute bunny sidekick!

Here are a few pictures from Vocaloid Blog:

Here’s the flyer for the event.


Here’s the inside. This concludes our tour of this flyer. Please make sure you retrieve all your belongings and exit to your left. Watch your step.

For more information about Snow Miku 2014 or the Sapporo Snow Festival, check out the Crypton Media Snow Miku page or the Sapporo Snow Festival page.

So which design for Snow Miku is your favorite?

Personally, I like 2013 the most but I might have a new favorite considering how 2014 looks.

Source: CrunchyRoll


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