iMeshi Series

Check out these yummy looking iPhone cases! Love the naming of this series: iMeshi! hahaha These are about $40 each and this online shop STRAPYA WORLD ships internationally.  Love looking at it but dunno if I actually want it for my phone… but it will def be a fun gift for your friends and family who love Japanese food!



Plain white rice with black sesame and umeboshi54-753934_MED

Chocolate cake54-754825_MED

Himono (open horse mackerel)54-800003_MED_MED

Negi (leek)54-804155_MED

Shrimp and tuna sushi54-754801_MED

Ikura and uni gunkanmaki54-754818_MED


Unaju (eel)54-754832_MED







Egg and bacon54-753927_MED


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