MacrossWorld Convention 2013

MacrossWorld Convention 2013


Yesterday, at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, MacrossWorld Convention took place which is a whole convention dedicated to the 1982 space opera anime, Macross. We were invited by a friend of KKS and we gladly accepted the invitation. Personally, I have no experience with the Macross or Robotech series (Robotech is basically the same thing as Macross as it has the same characters with different names but certain things like music and continuity were changed from the original series). Despite only having a basic understanding of the series, it was a fun Con to attend.

One thing about smaller conventions –smaller, I didn’t say small because it was hard to walk around sometimes even with a lot of the attendees sitting down and watching the events that took place at the Con- is how close everything was. Typically conventions are an amalgamation of interests and not one specific interest but at the MacrossWorld Convention, it was ONLY about Macross so everyone had something that they could talk to each to each other about and discuss. Each individual may have different reasons for liking the Macross series but ultimately everyone was at the Con for Macross (I don’t count but by just attending the convention I might change my mind).


There were lots of Macross merchandise on sale, mainly the figures and the like, but the hosts of the Con had Macross themed goodies that they gave out to the attendees according to which price bracket they paid for their attendance. The items included adorable keychains, a MacrossWorld tote bag, a Macross poster, and even a shot glass! Other than the booths set up to sell merchandise, there was an art exhibit that featured beautifully done Macross art pieces that were for sale.  Near the art exhibit was a “museum” of super rare Macross items. I spent a good amount of my time at this museum just looking through all the items because there were just SO many things to look at. There was a VHS tape from the 1992 Anime Expo which just goes to show how long people have been following the Macross series.


Throughout the day, there were various events taking place on the main stage that included a transformation competition, a Macross idol contest, and concert by Mari Iijima (the voice of Lynn Minmay, an important character to the series that stopped an alien invasion with the power of her singing… or so I gather). The transformation contest was a challenge where contestants had to match the exact pose of a figure set by the contest judge. It sounds pretty easy, but trust me, it was not. It was also a time-based challenge on top of the challenge of accuracy and no matter how sure the contestants were that they had perfectly matched the figure set by the judge, they were always a few clicks of an arm piece or a landing gear away from perfection. It was a pretty intense event. After that, a cosplay contest took place and it wasn’t your typical cosplay contest, there was also a talent portion to it. The contest was split into cosplay and talent portions (the talent portion had a different set of cosplayers show of their talent) and it was a thrill to watch. There was one act where instead of singing (a lot of the talent contestant sang) the cosplayer performed an improv comedy act and I fell in love with her…act. She heavily referenced the show but even I enjoyed it because she presented it so well. Finally, there was a concert by Mari Iijima (who voiced the original Japanese Lynn Minmay AND the English dub of Lynn Minmay) but sadly I could only sit through one song before I had to go fulfill some prior engagements.


Overall the MacrossWorld Convention was a fun event for an outsider like me (and I can only imagine how awesome it was for the fans of the series) so if you ever wanted to experience a specialized Con with super friendly attendees (and hosts) then you should attend next year’s MacrossWorld.


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