Curry Flavored Toothpaste among other strange flavors

Curry Flavored Toothpaste among other strange flavors

Japan has always been known to implement strange flavors into things ranging from drinks to candy. So is anyone surprised that Japan does the same thing with toothpaste? Here’s a short list of some strange flavored toothpaste that will leave your mouth feeling, hopefully, clean and fresh.

The first toothpaste on our list is bamboo charcoal toothpaste. It’s not quite as strange as it sounds as bamboo charcoal is used for oil and dirt absorption as well as odor reduction. Bamboo charcoal is actually used in many Japanese products such as air purifiers and beauty products. The strangeness is not necessarily attributed to the taste of the toothpaste but rather the color because people might have a hard time processing how a gloop of black toothpaste will help clean their teeth.


The next toothpaste, Binotomo Nasu Dentifrice Jet Black (what an amazing name), is made of Japanese eggplant and salt. Other than the novelty of brushing your teeth with eggplant-flavored toothpaste, it has medicinal purposes as well. Reportedly, the toothpaste helps tighten soft gums and leaves yours teeth feeling smooth.


Breath Palette toothpaste, it’s literally a package with a wide assortment of different flavored toothpaste, 31 flavors in fact, ranging from cola, espresso, tea, and even curry. Ever wanted to start your morning off with curry for breakfast but don’t have the time? Now you can have curry flavor lingering in your mouth for a few hours as you head to work/school.


The last one is probably my favorite and one I’ll most likely end up importing, the Takoyaki toothpaste. Honestly, if given the opportunity to start off your mornings with the taste of fried octopus in your mouth, wouldn’t you be overjoyed? What? “That’s crazy”? “Why would anyone want that”? Seems to me like YOU’RE the crazy one… Says the guy having a conversation with himself.


More flavors: RocketNews24

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