Giant Monokuma Plush for $300 USD

Giant Monokuma Plush for $300 USD

Retailer Run@Town has recently gotten a quirky bear with murderous intent in their stock. Monokuma, from the increasingly popular Danganronpa games, has been brought to life in the body of a 3.5ft plush. It’s even bigger than Monokuma’s actual size which is said to be 75cm, or 2 feet 6 inches. This monstrous-sized bear comes with monstrous-sized cost, 29,800 yen to be exact which is roughly $300 USD. Included with each bear is a supposedly “super rare” double-side train pass cases which features Nagito Komaeda (from the second game) on it.

4951850203409img02 4951850203409img034951850203409img04But if a giant plush isn’t enough to scratch that desire for Monokuma merchandise, there’s also iPhone 5 cases for you to enjoy. There’s the traditional iPhone case and there’s also the NERGY pocket which provides extra charge for your phone.


All pre-orders can be made on the Run@Town webpage.

We’ve also made a Monokuma-themed bento so be sure to check that out!

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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