Robo-Nyan of “Yo-Kai Watch” Added to the Chogokin Series


Anime “妖怪ウォッチ (Yo-Kai Watch)” has captured the hearts of children around Japan. Robo-Nyan, one of the popular characters of this anime, has collaborated with BANDAI’s 超合金 (Chogokin) series. This is the second “Yo-Kai Watch” character to appear in the series, following after Jiba-nyan.

A Gigazine writer visited the event “Tamashii no Natsu Collection 2015” to check out this Chogokin Robo-Nyan. (Source:


I arrived at the Chogokin booth.


This is the Chogokin Robo-nyan. He’s a robot in the first place, so the transition into a 3-D Chogokin looks natural.


If you attach it to the jet pedestal, it looks as if he’s flying.


Similar to Chogokin Jiba-nyan, this one comes with three different expressions as well.


He has a band around his stomach…


And when you open this, the “Chocolate Bar Production Machine” is precisely replicated. There are Chocolate Bar parts as well, which you can place inside Robo-Nyan’s mouth. You can also take off his tail; there’s an electrical plug inside.


The “Chocolate Bar Production Machine” is replicated not with simple stickers or images, but in actual 3-D.


There are two parts in the arm that you can move. You can also replace the arm parts with parts that shoot rocket punches.


The leg parts have a shape similar to Gundam 00’s GN Drive; these parts are movable as well.


The package looks like this.


“Chogokin Robo-nyan” is ¥5,800 (without tax) and will begin its sale this July.


“Chogokin Jiba-nyan” was on exhibition, too.


I found “Chogokin Hello Kitty (Striped)” and “Chogokin Hello Kitty (Blue)” as well.


This is the Chogokin Hello Kitty (Blue).


There’s another Hello Kitty inside the head. What is going on here?


This is how the figure looks like on a pedestal. The small Hello Kitty at the bottom is (probably) the pilot.


This is the Chogokin Hello Kitty (Striped).


This one is in submarine mode. You can add fins to its feet; the eyes light up.

Chogokin is a BANDAI brand initiated in July of 1974. The series creates diecast metal robot toys; the first of its series was “Mazinger Z.” Since then, Chogokin has collaborated with several characters, including Hatsune Miku and Iron Man. It has also created a conglomerate toy putting together several of Fujiko F. Fujio’s sci-fi characters with Doraemon in the center. Chogokin also created a toy of the famous Osaka building “Tower of the Sun.”

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