AKB48’s Maeda Mitsuki and Tsuchiyasu Mizuki announce their graduation

AKB48 members Maeda Mitsuki and Tsuchiyasu Mizuki have announced their graduation from the group.

This announcement was made on June 15 during Team 4’s performance at AKB48 Theater. Maeda also reported the news on her Google+ account, explaining, “After joining AKB48 about 3 years ago, I’ve experienced many things. Through my activities, I found my new dream of modeling. I’ve decided to take a step toward that dream.” 


During the concert, Tsuchiyasu said to her fans, “I originally wanted to attend university, so recently, I’ve been searching for certifications and other things I want to do. But my dream of being in show biz hasn’t changed, so I want to start a new believing that I will someday be able to stand in front of everyone again with a smile.” 

Maeda and Tsuchiyasu’s graduation dates will be announced once they’ve been decided. 


Source & Image: natalie and Tokyohive

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