ERIHIRO: SPEED’s Imai Eriko and Shimabukuro Hiroko’s New Unit


今井絵理子 (Imai Eriko) and 島袋寛子 (Shimabukuro Hiroko) of SPEED have started a new unit called ERIHIRO.

The theme of ERIHIRO is “adults playing with music.” It is a project aimed to create music that is enjoyable not only for themselves, but also for listeners as well through their distinct ways of expression.

The first of this project is an EDM&POPS collaboration with world-famous DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING. The song is titled “Stars” and features a grandiose, yet slightly sorrowful tune. This new single will be released on August 26.

“Stars” emphasizes a Dance Floor Sound with ERI and HIRO going along to the EDM sound. Dance music is constantly evolving at a fast pace. This song was created to match the EDM sound of today.

The song puts a spotlight on a high-pitched melody, never featured in their solo numbers. The single mixes the distinctive uptempo feature of dance music along with a sentimental melody line. For ERI’s case, it’s almost as if you wouldn’t notice that Imai Eriko is the one singing.


ERIHIRO put effort into their visual aspects as well. There is an 180 spin on the girls’ images. In the image, ERI has extremely short hair, while HIRO has long hair, unlike their past images.

ERI’s Comment

We had always wanted to try a new type of music together and both had the notion of simply having a fun time. This is how ERIHIRO started! We hope you enjoy this mixture of EDM and POPS and also our great differences in our visuals and singing techniques. 

HIRO’s Comment

I just wanted to sing with ERI. (laughs) “Stars” is a song I’d love for people to enjoy either with everyone or by themselves. I hope it becomes a song that you can purely enjoy, forgetting about things going on in everyday life. Through this project, we would like to try things that we’ve never seen nor known about, and create things that everyone can enjoy.

Source: BARKS

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