Pocky renews its taste in celebration of its 50th anniversary!


The perfect combination of light texture and flavorful chocolate… Every Japanese child must have tried Glico’s Pocky series at least once. This delicious snack has been loved for half a century now, reaching its 50th anniversary this upcoming  year!


The Pocky series has been drastically renewed; the new series will be released in September. This may be a problem for those who are accustomed to the “classic” taste of Pocky!

So an Entabe editor decided to compare the old and new versions of this tasty snack.


Glico decided to renew the following five products: Pocky Chocolate, Pocky <Gokuboso>, Pocky <Otona no Milk>, Almond Crush Pocky, and Tsubu-tsubu Ichigo Pocky <Heartful>.


The new Pocky Chocolate looks exactly the same as the old version, but the chocolate is sweeter, tastier, and overall thicker. The chocolate quickly melts on your tongue.


Pocky <Gokuboso> features a delicate texture that is highly addictive. With the renewal, the new version has more chocolate. This product is thin to begin with, so it’s hard to see, but you can definitely taste the extra chocolate.


On the right is the newer version, with the coating being slightly thicker.


Tsubu-tsubu Ichigo Pocky <Heartful> is now pink from bottom to top, with strawberry filled in the pretzel parts as well. You can now enjoy the sweet, yet sour taste of strawberry from edge to edge.


Even with the renewal, the heart shape is still there. The cuteness of this heart-shaped pretzel pulls out your inner “kawaii” feels.



With the renewal, Almond Crush Pocky contains even more almonds than ever, enhancing the product’s filling taste! Enjoy the flavorful almonds until your heart is content…


Last but not least is Pocky <Otona no Milk>, with pie-textured pretzels. The new version’s pretzels feature cultured butter; the soft taste of milk chocolate and gentle scent of butter mix together in harmony as you bite in. It’s a rich snack, perfect for an adult’s break time.

There is no doubt that the renewed versions are even tastier than the older versions!

Source: Entabe

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