H&M’s ‘Close the Loop’ campaign is a call to re-use and recycle clothes to encourage the a more conscious use of resources in the Fashion Industry. It’s a noble gesture, one that comes after years of criticism of H&M as one of the leading ‘fast fashion’ companies, an segment of the industry that encourages consumers to buy more clothes at cheaper prices, often based on seasonal ‘trends’. “Creating a closed loop for textiles, in which unwanted clothes can be recycled into new ones, will not only minimize textile waste, but also significantly reduce the need for virgin resources as well as other impacts fashion has on our planet”, says Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H&M.


Joe from Tokyo Dandy opens the ‘Close the Loop’ Short Film which declares “There are no rules in fashion but one, to recycle your clothes”. Voiced by IGGY POP, the film features an eclectic global cast that includes our friends Nara Yuya and Boxer Nao Tsuchiyama.

The first collection from H&M’s ‘Close the Loop’ drive is made of Denim’s from recycled cotton. Only 20% of the fabrics in the 16-piece collection is made from recycled fabrics but H&M is actively working on technology to improve this percentage.


Source and Image: Tokyo Dandy

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