The date is March 11, 2016. Five years have passed since the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and to be quite honest, I can’t believe that such time has passed already.

Five years ago, I woke up only to notice my parents watching the news, which was a rare occurrence on a weekday morning. On the TV screen was a devastating landscape I had never seen before. The sights I was accustomed to seeing on TV were no longer there, the entirety being swept away by the waves of water and debris. It was impossible to concentrate on anything: the sight of the massive tsunami remained on my mind the entire day.

Today marks five years since the earthquake and tsunami. With the help of people around the world, the Tohoku region has greatly recovered in the past five years. However, many people still remain in temporary housing, and complete reconstruction will be a long process. Full recovery will take years.

Which is why we must never forget this day, and continue to lend a helping hand.



This year, Yahoo! Japan has once again announced that they will donate ¥10 each time someone searches “3.11”. Yahoo! Japan is also holding a charity auction to raise funds for reconstruction.


Through their special site Memories for the Future, Google allows you to view nostalgic photos and videos taken before 3.11. You can also see the progress of reconstruction by using Google Street View.

Several other companies and charity events have announced their commitment towards helping to reconstruct the Tohoku region as well.

Although we cannot predict when reconstruction will finish, we can all help in some way. Today, let us take a moment to remember those affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

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