GLAY to provide the new ending theme for ‘Ousama no Brunch’

GLAY‘s new song “Kanojo wa Zombie” has been chosen as the February and March ending theme for TBS‘ “Ousama no Brunch“.


Written and composed by HISASHI (G), “Kanojo wa Zombie” is included in the band’s latest single “G4・IV“. The song will be played on “Ousama no Brunch” starting its February 6th broadcast.

Among the songs included in “G4・IV”, “Scoop” was used as the January ending theme for TV Asahi‘s “Onegai! Ranking“, “Supernova Express 2016” was picked up as the image song for Hokkaido Shinkansen, and “Sora ga Aozora de Aru Tame ni” is the opening theme for TV anime “Daiya no A -SECOND SEASON-“.

Source & Image: natalie and Tokyohive

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