Masterpiece Cosplay Photo of 6 Years Effort


This Japanese cosplayer, Matsuri’s love for Otoyome Gatari (A Bride’s Story) is too HUGE. Otoyome Gatari is a historical romance manga series by the author Kaori Mori. This manga started in 2008 and it’s still serialized on a publication, Harta even today.


A cosplayer, Matsuri said it took 6 years to complete her Amir costume and all of her needlework was hand sewn like the actual character in the original manga. If there was no perfect fabrics or threads, she dyed materials and if she heard a rumor that there are similar boots, she even flew to Mongol to look for them.






Last spring, she went to Uzbekistan just for the photoshoot by herself. Due to her passionate research on this cosplay, she made a network with Central Asia historians and they introduced her to local Uzbek photographer.




Again she flew to another country for a photoshoot. This time she went back to Mongol with a photographer, YU-SUKE. Otoyome Monogatari’s story takes place in Central Asia so Mongol might not seem fitting for this photoshoot, however the theme of her photoshoot was nomadic grazing and mounted archery. In addition, she brought a photographer from Japan, so Mongol was a perfect location for her theme.





Her costumes and cosplay photos are simply beyond just “cosplay” and it should be rather called as “art.” Just for her Otoyome Monogatari cosplay, she traveled to Mongol in 2011 (to buy boots and bow), Uzbekistan in 2014 (for research), Uzbekistan in 2015( for photoshoot) and Mongol in 2016 (for photoshoot). Her cosplay photography looks exactly like a character, Amir popping out from the manga and it’s absolutely gorgeous.


Source: Matsuri’s Twitter





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