New Band Formed by ex-DELUHI and 12012 Members


There’s another new band in the Visual Kei scene that people should keep an eye on: ZERO MIND INFINITY, formed by members from DELUHI, Sel’m, 12012 and REIGN, will hold their debut live show in June.


Vocal: Juri (ex-DELUHI)

Guitar: Sakai Hiroaki (酒井洋明) (12012)
Guitar: John (じょん) (ex-Sel’m)
Bass: Aggy (ex-DELUHI)
Drums: KAJI (ex-REIGN)

ZERO MIND INFINITY will be Juri’s first official band after the disbanding of DELUHI in 2010. Aggy sang in his new band Garson which became inactive since 2012, and finally chose to take up the bass again in ZERO MIND INFINITY. 12012 went on indefinite hiatus in 2014 – the same year when John left Se’lm. In 2015, KAJI left REIGN.

“ZERO MIND INFINITY” was formed today, May 20th, and on June 15th they will hold their first live officially. Previously, the members have already performed together as a session band since March 2016 under the name “yoru crime“. You can check out more details on their website and twitter. Links to the members’ individual twitter accounts can also be found there.

Source and Image: Jpop Asia

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