A Perfect Dating Sim App for Megane Lovers

Some people have a fetish for people wearing glasses, but maybe some people even might have a fetish for actual glasses….?! Well if you are a real megane lover, here’s the dating sim app for you, “Kiseki No Megane (Miraculous Glasses).”


When you start a game, it starts with you visiting an eyeglasses store. While you look around all glasses saying “this one is  a cutie” or “oh she’s gorgeous,” a worker tells you that “there are glasses that I want YOU to see” and take you to a special room where only four glasses are displayed.


Yes these four glasses are the heroines of this game. After you read each glasses’ profile really well, finally you can pick your favorite.


Koharu: A quiet girl who loves reading books. She wants to become a picture book author in the future. She’s not very comfortable talking with boys.


Nanako: A lady who loves cute things. Since she has more experiences, she is in control without you even noticing. Maybe you should allow yourself to be coddled.


Mayu: A yandere girl. Sometimes she might go too far, but you will still consider her cute, right?

l_kontake_160601miracleglass07Reika: A rich girl who doesn’t know much of the world. She’s interested in normal people’s popular things. She’s tsundere and always causing troubles.


This writer ended up piking a yandere girl, Mayu. After you pick your favorite glasses, finally the actual story begins.

The more the story goes, the more Mayu’s yandere side would rise. For example, first Mayu keeps making sure if you actually love her and you answer to her saying that “there’s no one else who loves you as much I do.” Or suddenly she says “you have other glasses besides me, don’t you? No worries I will go throw them away.” She’s such a typical yandere but just because she’s just glasses, the whole situation looks really odd….

l_kontake_160601miracleglass09 l_kontake_160601miracleglass10



Basically you can play this game by talking to glasses, wiping them, and giving them presents. The more you interact with them, you earn points but you have to be aware that talking to them will consume points.


If you’re curious about the ending for a romance between a human and glasses…. or if you’re curious why these glasses can talk at the first point…. You should definitely try this app.


Link to Kiseki No Megane

Source: N Lab





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