New Steam Version of “Wild Romance”

wild romance

The Steam version of “Wild Romance” was released on October 19 by Zoo.
Price is 925 yen +tax. Available on Japanese Amazon PC download of the download sales site, Magino Drive, KONAMI STYLE DIGITAL CODE STORE.

The hero’s broken dream leads him back to his rural hometown from the city. He then reunites with four of his childhood friends. He finds out that they are monsters. It angers the land God. He pleads for his childhood friends and he seeks atonement from the land God. As the God gradually forgives, the hero begins to enjoy his life in the rural city.


Monster Reincarnated from a Fox
She is a gentle sister, but she has a habit of rushing and teasing the people. She has a strong sense of motherhood, loves everyone, and likes physical contact. She is the oldest and the leader who brings the four together.

Monster Reincarnated from a Dog
She is the youngest and is bright, brave, and pure. She is always energetic, obedient, and straightforward. She has a simple personality so she does not understand difficult things very well. She is loved as a mascot.

Cat Reincarnated as a Monster
She is the serious and level-headed chairman, who is stubborn and has a hot-cold personality. Sometimes, she may slack off and require a lot of attention. She is often responsible for the sub-leadership role among the four.

Reincarnated Monster of a Racoon Dog
She is spaced-out, quiet, and always doing things at her own pace. Her sharp mind makes up for her lack of hand-eye coordination. She is an inventor who makes troublesome inventions that surprise those around her.

This game starts with the hero who discovers the secret of his four childhood friends and is given a test by God. It is a love story novel about the pure hero and his loving friends getting through hardships together.

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