Christelle Kocher’s fashion show on the street in Harajuku


Paris-based designer, Christelle Kocher had a fashion show on the street in the Harajuku, Tokyo on October 19th.
This is part of Amazon’s Fashion Week TOKYO 2017 S/S. Usually, fashion shows are held inside and only available to invited people like fashion journalists and buyers.
But Kocher’s show took place in a novel format on the street that was open to the general public so people in the surrounding shops and neighbors could attend.
It has become a hot topic.




“Kocher casts real people to personify the concept of street fashion, including a Japanese DJ, a photographer, and a designer, in a high-energy show presenting more than 40 looks for summer and winter.” Japanese Talent Ami Suzuki opened the show. “Her casting was similar to her 2015 Paris debut, when she turned part of Les Halles into a runway, using models that included what Vogue called a “girl handpicked off the street” and one of her neighbors.”





The runway was on the street in Harajuku where there are many boutiques and high school girls. Lanterns are arranged in the street, and loud techno music is blasting from the speakers.



Kocher said that she wanted to fuse the energy in Paris with energy in Tokyo. “I wanted to express the two countries powerful and symbolic connection and I would like to express that we are same,” Kocher explained.


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