Cat Photo Exhibition at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Everybody LOVES CATS!
Photographers Pursue the “Real Face” of Cats.

The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Cat Photo Exhibition 2016: Recording the daily lives and memories of Cats will be held at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1’s second floor from November 2 to November 7, 2016.
This event was started by the pioneer, Toshimitsu Hoshino who photographed cats in a documentary style was first held in 2015.

The 2016 event will feature the railway photographer Tomoya Yamazaki, the photographer who travels around the world, Taichi Kozawa, the female photographer Ikuko Tsurumaki, and others.

From professional photographers who do not usually publish cat photos to the up-and-coming amateur cat photographers who continue to follow the cat, and overseas photographers, all of thier works are exhibited in high quality and in large-format.
Even with the simple cat photos that make you feel warm inside, the photographers pursue the possibility of cat photos with every technique.

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