DBZ and Dr. Slump Collaborated with A BATHING APE

A BATHING APE collaborated with Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump and these exclusive shirts will be on sale at BAPEXCLUSIVE Aoyama, BAPEXCLUSIVE Kyoto, BAPE STORE DSMG and their online shop starting on November 1st.


It is a 35th anniversary for Dr. Slump and 30th anniversary for Dragon Ball since these anime was aired on TV. Both series is a world-wide famous manga/anime by Akira Toriyama. To celebrate their anniversary, they collaborated with A BATHING APE! Main characters, Goku and Arale are illustrated in a BAPE style with BAPE’s mascot character, BABY MILO.

161027_bape_02 161027_bape_05

There will be two designs for this exclusive collaboration shirts. One is “Goku and Arale standing together” and another design is “Goku, Arale and BABY MILO on Flying Nimbus. Both design is illustrated in a pop style and these should go well with casual or street fashion style. Both designs come with white and black color and it costs 7,800 yen for each.

161027_bape_03 161027_bape_04


Source: Fashion Press


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