Pokemon Osechi Is Now Available for Pre-Order!

Nomura Foods, which operates “Mizuna No Mura” is now accepting pre-orders for Pokemon inspired authentic Kyoto style Osechi! The pokeball shaped bento box will be loved by not only kids but also adults!


Mizuna No Mura’s Pokemon osechi includes not only dishes that kids would love but also food ingredients related to pokemon characters. Your kids would love Pikachu mochi cakes, matcha roll cakes, star-shaped pinapple, crab flavored kamaboko cheese, fried egg, hamburg, seafood and so on all in one osechi bento box. Of course, they got traditional New Years food such as candied chestnut with sweet potatoes, daikon and carrot salad, kamaboko, candied sardines, sweet black soybeans, and many more. This osechi bento box would give your family to think about the origin and meaning of each osechi dish.


This set comes with special Pikachu chopsticks and wrapping cloth and it is 10,584 yen including free shipping.



Source: Anime! Anime!


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